Being managed by our various clinicians and business team, we know where to look to find the holes in the system. We are a trusted name in the  medical compliance community by providing detailed assessment for improvement within your medical business. This is quickly making MedPharma the go to placement company. We are a grass roots based South Carolina company, but we can reach out to every state in the US. Let us help you expand your business in the most compliant manner yet still driving revenue and staying efficient.

Overleap Software Technologies

Overleap Software Technologies is a  full-service digital marketing company. Like you, we are entrepreneurial in spirit and focused on providing exceptional service to our clients. What makes us different? We build our own tools, we use our own technology, and most importantly, our experts live for exploring your options and doing things right.

When you partner with OST to grow your business online you get a dedicated team of industry experts who collaborate on everything from your digital marketing strategy to design and development, to analytics and optimization, to content and performance management. We take a deep dive into your business and growth goals, and use proven strategies to help make them happen.