Medical Consulting: Clinical / Pharmacy / DME

Being managed by our various clinicians and business team, we know where to look to find the holes in the system. We are a trusted name in the medical compliance community by providing detailed assessment for improvement within your medical
business. This is quickly making MedPharma the go to placement company. We are a grass roots based South Carolina company, but we can reach out to every state in the US. Let us help you expand your business in the most compliant manner yet still driving revenue and staying efficient.

Billing, Auditing, Coding and Compliance

MedPharma has been able to strategically assist with
billing and coding for our facilities and networks. Let our billing and coding experts reduce your payment, turn around time, redundant efforts with collections and chart correction from providers. MedPharma works with some of the most innovative platforms for expedited processing of all inpatient, outpatient and Pharmacy/DME services provided.


A unique medical management system for central verifications, medical license management and internal credentialing needs for all specialties!

The benefit of creating CVOpro, is that it allows hospital administrators and staff to come in and approve documentation; which eliminates the need for:

  • Medical Staff Office Meetings
  • Waiting for faxes to come in during a set deadline prior to a meeting for application approval

Unnecessary printing and internal file management that can easily be lost or not actively updated

Efficient & Compliant Credentialing

Credentialing is a necessary yet complex process that can hold up
start dates for clinicians including payor applications for:  telemedicine organizations and location based clinics and hospitals. MedPharma strategically works as not only an internal CVO for your credentialing
needs, but also as a liaison with insurance companies to make sure all contracts are implemented in a timely and meet each states standard.

Pharma/Medical Accreditation Done Right

The First Time-MedPharma is a leader in the accreditation of pharmacy and medical businesses. We strive to make the accreditation process streamlined and completed faster than the industry standard and outside competitors. MedPharma is also one of the most cost effective companies in the market. We keep all projects on a consulting fee base to keep things at cost for your company.

Digital Marketing

Whether your company needs a new website to engage with customers, an enterprise-class web app to automate processes, or a web portal to help align your employees’ workflows, MedPro Tech team  custom web developers have the programming expertise and the industry-specific experience to build it quickly, efficiently and in perfect alignment with your vision.